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The Joy of Sound

Latest research indicates the inter-connectedness between hearing health, emotional health, mental health and physical health. Kamahl the Australian iconic entertainer knows only too well the impacts hearing loss has on all these areas of life and how improving hearing enhances and improves all these aspects. This is backed up by the latest research and findings. […]


Break the Sound Barrier with Kamahl & AUDiOHEALTH

CAIRNS, Queensland – Immerse in a riveting auditory journey as Kamahl, Australia’s iconic entertainer, revisits Cairns after several decades, following his acclaimed performance at the Opera House’s 50th anniversary. Kamahl, invigorated with enhanced communication skills courtesy of AUDiOHEALTH, is set to champion the “Break the Sound Barrier” initiative, shining a spotlight on auditory health during […]


Remarkable Links between Hearing & Brain Health

New research is revealing that there are strong and surprising connections between hearing health and brain health, some of the links have surfaced remarkable insights, even the mildest cases of hearing loss can impact brain health! Research reveals that our most neglected sense has a vital connection to brain health. Untreated hearing loss causes cognitive […]