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Welcome to AUDiOHEALTH a family practice run by the Magee family were the goal of our Audiologists, clinicians and support team is to exceed your expectations by providing the best hearing solutions to suit your individual needs and lifestyle at an affordable price. Being an independent clinic enables us to source the best possible hearing assistance from the widest range of manufacturers to improve your hearing and standard of living.

Your hearing is in Sound Hands!

You can come directly to us for a hearing assessment. Medical referral is not obligatory.

sid n ross

Ross Symonds and Sid Bacon presenting the first small Hearings Aids to Australia

We’ve had thousands of ears of experience, quite literally and success. The family tradition began with Sidney Bacon the patriarch of the family who introduced the first cosmetically appealing hearing instruments into Australia in the early 1980’s. Ross Symonds (retired television news reader and winner of the Better Hearing Australia Best Speaker Award) presented the small ‘invisi’ hearing instruments to the public. The family tradition has continued with three generations of family now involved in hearing health care.


Joanna Magee (Sid’s daughter) and husband John  brought the first video otoscope into Australia at this time enabling people to see inside their own ear canal and images to be sent to their Medical Practitioner and Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon. They later established the successful and award winning practices, Better Hearing Specialists in Sydney which incorporated the well-known Audiologist Joan Grant’s practice. In 2006 they took early and as it turns out premature retirement in the tropics.  They were soon drawn back to the profession they love and with the assistance of their daughter Kerry they designed and opened a state-of-the art hearing centre to bring better hearing to the local community in Cairns.

In 2013 they re-entered the Sydney market with son, Aaron to bring back that old fashioned service teamed with state of the art technology, to the residents of Sydney’s North Shore.

Products have been sourced world-wide to assist with all aspects of hearing and AUDiOHEALTH have been the first clinic to launch many products in Australia. They are one of the few Lyric Accredited Providers in the country.

The family have always been community minded, sponsoring charity events and giving of their own time to raise awareness of hearing loss with presentations at retirement homes, community centres and nursing homes. Joanna is accredited with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and is involved in educational seminars for doctors.  She can also be heard on the local radio and a national Indigenous station giving advice on ear health in particular the prevention of middle ear infections which affects 90% of Indigenous children at some stage in their early years.

Better Hearing Logo
The family founded the Better Hearing Foundation a non-profit organisation to raise awareness of hearing loss and the solutions available and they have assisted hundreds of people in third world countries with free hearing assistance. The Foundation was launched by Mr Roger Climpson OAM during Hearing Awareness Week in 2004 and speakers included Professor William Gibson, Dr Phillip Chang and Doctor James Wright. The event was packed out and highlighted the various technical and medical solutions to hearing loss.



A DVD was produced of the event and distributed free of charge, it was very popular and is now only available to be borrowed as copies are now rare.