Hearing Test

AUDiOHEALTH offers both Hearing Screenings and Comprehensive Assessments

So, which one is right for you?

Hearing Screening
A hearing  Screening is a free 15 minute appointment and will allow us to assess if you have a hearing loss. During your hearing screening you will listen to a series of tones played through a set of head phones. All you have to do is simply push a button every time you hear a tone. At the end of this appointment your clinician will have graphed your hearing over 4 frequencies. Based on the results of your assessment your clinician will either recommend a comprehensive hearing assessment to investigate your hearing needs more closely or you will be recommended another screening in 12 months to monitor your hearing levels.

Comprehensive Assessment
A comprehensive assessment is recommended to people who strongly suspect or know that they have a hearing loss. Over the course of an hour your clinician will assess and record your hearing levels over a range of frequencies and assess the function of your middle ear as well as your ability to clearly understand speech.

At the end of your comprehensive assessment your clinician will be able to make recommendations most suited to your individual hearing needs. If the results indicate that hearing aids are the best solution, your clinician will work with you, considering the results of your comprehensive assessment and your hearing and lifestyle needs to make appropriate recommendations.

What comes next?

The fitting of your new hearing aids will take around an hour. During this appointment the devices will be programmed to suit your individual hearing needs. A series of measurements will be taken with the hearing aids in your ears allowing your clinician to fine tune the devices. Once the fitting process is complete your clinician will talk you through how to use your new hearing aids, how best to care for them and make some recommendation with respect to servicing and maintaining the devices.

Follow Up
A follow up appointment is scheduled between 2 – 4 weeks after your fitting. At this 30 minute appointment your clinician will discuss with you your progress so far. If you have an questions or concerns these can be addressed at this appointment. Your clinician will also conduct a quick speech test to determine your ability to hear and understand speech with and without the hearing aids. If an adjustment is required this will also be conducted at your follow up.

From time to time you will require an adjustment appointment. Over time you may feel that you are not getting as much benefit from your hearing aids. This is no cause for alarm. As you become more accustomed to wearing hearing aids you may desire more amplification. Adjustments are also required in response to a shift in your hearing levels. Over time your hearing needs may change and a quick adjustment can ensure that you are receiving optimal benefit from the devices.

Annual Recheck
Whether you are a hearing aid user or not we advise an annual recheck of your hearing levels. This allows you to monitor your hearing as well as ensuring that your current hearing needs are being met.

Maintenance and Servicing
Hearing aids, like many precision pieces of equipment require regular servicing. At AUDiOHEALTH we recommend in-house servicing every 3-6 months to ensure your devices are in peak condition. This service takes around 15 minutes  and is provided free of charge to all of our clients, we’ll even make you a Cappuccino while you wait.