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At AUDiOHEALTH we stock a wide range of hearing accessories and ALDs (Assistive Listening Devices).


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Assistive Listening Devices or ALDs are devices which are not hearing aids but are still designed to help people with hearing loss overcome difficulties understanding speech or to provide additional assistance in situations such as watching TV.

ALDs generally consist of a microphone which picks up sounds; these sounds are then amplified and sent wirelessly to either headphones or a set of hearing aids.

For instance one form of ALD is specifically designed for watching TV. This type of ALD consists of a base station which plugs directly into the TV. The audio signal from the TV is then sent to a set of head phones via an infra-red signal. This type of ALD is perfect for a household where 1 person in the house has a hearing loss and does not want to disturb everyone else with the volume of the TV.



We also stock a wide range of accessories for all of your hearing needs

 Custom Noise Plugs – For these noise plugs we take an impression or mould of your ear canal. From the impression a noise plug is built from medical grade silicon designed specifically for your ear canal. A custom plug provides the wearer with consistent protection every time it is worn. Custom plugs are able to attenuate or block out up to 30db of noise. 

Custom Swim Plugs – Like custom noise plugs our swim plugs are built from an impression taken of your ear canal. Custom swim plugs provide the wearer with consistent protection against water with every wear. Swim plugs are ideal for anyone prone to swimmers ear.


Oricom Telephones – The importance of keeping in touch and the frustration of such a simple task can be difficult for people with a hearing impairment.

OricomOricom Easy Range has a comprehensive range of products to assist clients with these frustrations.  They come in a range of corded, cordless, Mobile Phones and alerting devices to make these tasks easy and to ensure you remain connected to your family and friends.Features include Amplified Receivers, Loud Ringer, One Touch Earpiece Volume Boost, Hearing Aid Compatible and a big button keypads.




The Wake and Shake Alarm comes with a large vibrating alert pad which can be placed under your pillow, this will gently wake you without disturbing your partner.




Electronic Drying Chambers – a superior alternative to standard hearing aid drying chambers. 

Our drying chambers use varying combinations of silica gel crystals, ultra-violet light and warm air to remove any moisture from your hearing aids. Electric drying chambers are a brilliant way to prolong the life of your hearing aids or cut down on the need for repair due to moisture or corrosion.



Ear Gear

Ear-Gear – Ear Gear are small protective covers for your hearing aids. Designed and made in Australia from a nylon-spandex blend. Ear Gear protects hearing aids from dirt, sweat, moisture and loss. Ear Gear help prolong the life of your hearing aids or cut down on the need for repair due to moisture or corrosion.



Phonak Cleaning and Care Line Kit – Phonak’s C&C line kit of complete care products has everything you need to keep your hearing aids in pristine condition. This comprehensive cleaning kit contains disinfectant cleaning tissues, cleansing tables for ear moulds, drying chamber and capsules as well as the Nano Pro cleaning stick designed to provide up to 5 days of protection from bacteria and other micro-organisms.


Ear Band-It (Not Sure if we can use image)Ear Band-It – Whether you need to keep swim plugs in or you need to keep excess water out of your ears Ear Band-It is the perfect solution. Made from a strong 3mm neoprene with adjustable Velcro strap Ear Band-It is an comfortable, durable and affordable way help keep moisture out of adults or children’s ears. Available in a range of colours and sizes. Ear Band-It is great to use in combination with Custom Swim Plugs.


Key Chain Battery Testers – This small, handy battery tester fits neatly on a key ring and allows you to test the remaining charge of your hearing aid batteries while you’re on the go. The Key chain battery tester also has to spare battery compartments able to hold up to 6 hearing aid batteries depending on size.




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