Our Story

Hearing Healthcare is a vocation in our family with three generations being involved it truly is a family affair.  The family have literally had ‘thousands of ears’ of experience.

Sidney Bacon the family patriarch qualified in the U.K. in the early 1970’s then migrated with the family to Australia in 1981. During the following four decades the family immersed themselves in the field of Audiology building the largest privately owned Practice in New South Wales.

Sid was a founding member of the Australian College of Audiology and was instrumental in changing the face of the profession when he introduced the first of the concealed in the ear canal hearing devices into Australia.  The popular national new reader Ross Symonds promoted the product and the public overwhelming embraced the new products.

When Sid retired Joanna opened her own clinic in Sydney’s north shore which quickly expanded to the lower north shore, the Hills District and the Central Coast.  In 2008 they opened AUDiOHEALTH in Cairns and now have three clinics in Cairns.  More recently Joanna’s son Aaron opened in Gordon on Sydney’s north shore.

“One of the highlights for me, explains Joanna was when we ran the first Hearing Forum in Chatswood’s Zenith theatre. It was a unique opportunity to bring together all aspects of hearing enhancement especially the medical options.  Hosted by Roger Climpson OAM with guest speakers Professor William Gibson presenting on cochlear implants, Dr Philip Chang on the hybrid implantable technology, Louise Higgons on tinnitus solutions and myself on the latest digital hearing technology.  The event saw the theatre packed to capacity and was acknowledged as a unique event and a great source of information. It was a pleasure to be involved.”

Below is a copy of the DVD made of the event.