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Proudly Independent

We are a family practice run by the Magee family; where the goal of our Audiologists, clinicians and support team is to exceed your expectations, by providing the best hearing solutions to suit your individual needs and lifestyle at an affordable price.

Being an independent clinic enables us to source the best possible hearing assistance from the widest range of manufacturers to improve your hearing and standard of living. You can come directly to us for a hearing assessment. Medical referral is not obligatory.

Our family introduced the first cosmetically appealing hearing instruments into Australia in the early 1980’s. The family tradition has continued with three generations of family now involved in hearing health care.

Our Happy Customers

  • I am 83 years old and having experienced long term and ongoing care and treatment for my deafness, from three of the Audiology firms in Cairns, I am happy to confirm that Audio Health is by far the best of them. In fact they are in a league of their own. From its luxurious premises on Grafton St to the immensely kind and caring staff, one is treated like a welcome guest rather than a patient, and it is a delight to attend consultations. Thank you Audio Health for providing superb care – and at an affordable cost.
    Michael Page
  • Kerry and her team at Audio Health did just this, They turned my life around, I have regained my self esteem and confidence, I am back in the sport  I love and have the independence i thought i had lost forever.Kerry and her team have been with me every step i have taken, They have given willingly of themselves, their expertise and experience, through times of despair and joy (when i finally persevere and get something right) they have given so generously their time and effort way above and beyond the call of duty, for this i sincerely thank this young team of dedicated professionals who have placed their lives on “hold” to assist less fortunate who suffer from hearing loss – “God Bless Them”
  • I would like to thank Kerry and all of the staff at Audio Health for their professionalism in assisting me with my hearing loss. From the time I walked through the front door nothing was too much trouble, they ensured that all issues were met and understood. The tests were comprehensive and your help in selecting the correct hearing device was invaluable. The hearing aids I have now are fantastic and my life is now back on track, being able to communicate and not be left out of any conversation because I was unable to hear what was being said.
    Bob Jones
  • Dear Mr Magee and lovely staff. I’d like to thank you for all you have done for me, perhaps more than words can ever say. With my new hearing aids it has changed my life. I couldn’t believe that I could hear myself breathe and chew my food! I am absolutely and totally thrilled with the difference it has made. I can hear the TV without either having it up high or having to shut the door so as not to annoy the next door neighbours. Also I can hear when a jet goes, instead of missing the gist. From the bottom of my heart a HUGE thank you.
    Natalie Beam
  • On the 30th of September 2011 I collected my hearing aids after being checked and fitted for them 2 weeks prior. My world took on a whole new meaning, after being hard of hearing for nearly 20 years due to industrial deafness. So much noise!! Driving home I kept thinking there is just to much noise. When I walked into my flat the first thing I did was turn on the TV, the volume just about deafened me. Yes I had it on the highest volume and without my hearing aids I could just hear it… This was the start of a whole new life for me, just getting used to sounds that I had forgotten. I will never forget the first day I heard rain on the roof and wondered what it was. I am still getting used to the hearing aids and sometimes the noise can be too much (kids screaming or large numbers of people in one area such as the airport terminal) and I will take out the hearing aids till it passes but each day I am thankful for my hearing aids and the help from Kerry and her staff at Audio Health…Thanks guys.
    Robert Fraser
  • The hearing aids I have got from Audio Health have made my ability to get better feedback for my interpretation of words and sounds around me, the ability to change the volume to suit the situation at the time is much better. I look forward to using Aids more often than before.
    Vincent Callesta
  • I have been a client of Atherton Audio health for 18 months and I have found them to be very professional and caring. I am very pleased with their service.
    Patricia Collinson
  • The best I heard since I had a hearing aid.
    Mervyn Hayter
  • The professionalism and genuinely friendly service at Audio Health in Atherton has been exceptional. Everything was clearly explored and questions or misunderstanding were answered or explained in an easily understood manner. This was no pressure to upsell which was much appreciated
    Joe Shaw
  • The staff made me feel all warm and fuzzy just like visiting friends. Lovely and cool and the coffee’s great with a chocolate biscuit. Testing was done very professionally with great explanation and awareness of my need. Totally impressed with the service all round.
    Shirley Jarrett
  • Thank you Audio Health. Always a pleasure to attend. Nothing is promised without being delivered. Staff always perform their best. Thank you.

    Alan Martin
  • Starky are great I wouldn’t have any other.

    Paul Naylor
  • During the appointment at Audio Health a great deal of time was spent, without pressure, refining my needs/requirements.

    I am very happy to recommend Audio Health because of their professionalism and ‘nothing is too much trouble’ attitude.

    Richard Taylor
  • From first walking into Audio Health you are made to feel relaxed, from reception to clinician it seems you are part of a family.

    They take time to explain everything in detail and Deb makes the best ‘cuppa’ ever.

    Tarence Gresty
  • We love the Audio Health clinic in Atherton. I take my mum and we are always welcomed with a happy and friendly smile and asked if we would like coffee or tea. The clinic is set out wonderfully, the chairs are so comfy and with a big T.V to watch the feeling is so relaxing I find it hard to leave. Good on Audio Health for making it so relaxing and not so scary especially for the elderly.

    Kathy Sartor
  • I have over the years always found both the reception staff and the technicians at Audio Health to be the most helpful and accommodating. I also enjoy the fact that they're never too busy to make a great cup of coffee as well all in good business … great people, very happy.

    Jeff Xapher
  • I found Audio Health to be ultra professional in their work. Great follow up service forthcoming in their information about their service, quick in their work, and on time with appointments. In general a very good service. Nothing is too much trouble.

    Michael McKenna
  • I found Audio Health staff to be very professional whilst making you feel like you are a long lost friend. I would thoroughly recommend Audio Health for any hearing advice required. The examination process was thorough and very professional plus a wide range of aids was available to view immediately. Also offering a payment plan is an excellent advantage for those concerned about the cost.

    Raylene Henry
  • I have been coming to Audio Health for 5 years now and have found the staff very professional and helpful. Mind I wish I didn’t need a hearing aid but have been threatened with divorce. Audio Health has perhaps not only saved my hearing but my marriage as well.
    Pam Bloomfield
  • This review is from my Dad - a happy customer!   After reading all of the testimonials I wholeheartedly agree with all the comments. The rapport with all the Audi's and staff, each visit is a treat. I'm an old two tours Nam combat veteran ending up, as Kerry would say, with a challenging Audiogram. If you are an ex- military service person with a hearing concern, I highly recommend a visit to any one of their locations. Through their dedication and concern, my impairment is at a level where I can now participate better at most meetings and recognise a big improvement in my daily activities. With the addition of two devices, a Phonak TV AirStreamer plug and play, and a Bluetooth Smartphone, streaming to my HA's couldn't be easier. I feel confident that with a phone call, I will get a quick return to facilitate any of my hearing concerns. I tried the rest. I'm with the best.   Longtime Patient, Adrian
    Adrian Joffray
  • A visit to AUDiOHEALTH is like visiting old and dear friends.  The lovely service and care is a rarity these days.  I am greeted by a friendly face who remembers my name and quickly offers me a freshly brewed coffee. Nothing is too much trouble for the girls who serve me. My hearing has improved remarkably and I find I forget my hearing devices until the time comes when I take them out to go to bed and it is like a light switch going off. When hearing better I feel more alive as a whole new world of sound comes to life.  I love hearing the birds sing and all the wonderful sounds around me.  Hearing the radio and television is nice and clear. I can socialize more and have some relief to my short term memory as I don’t need to use that to retain so much information as I hear speech clearer and faster with my new hearing devices. I highly recommend the people at AUDiOHEALTH to anyone wanting to improve their hearing!
    Helen Anne Jackson
  • Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Robert Wood, and I wear hearing aids in both ears. I purchased my first set in 2008 from Audio Health. I knew I was having trouble with my hearing. When people spoke to me, it sounded as if they were mumbling; and I was regularly being told I was shouting and to lower my voice. I had seen an advertisement for Audio Health, so I made an appointment for a hearing test. My first set of aids were PHONAK. They were brilliant. They changed my life. All of a sudden I could hear sounds that I hadn’t heard for years, like birds singing, the sound of the car tyres on the road, the car blinkers, the wind. I have been a regular client of Audio Health ever since and have always had great service from them. The staff are always very friendly, helpful and obliging. I recently needed to replace my original hearing aids, as they were nearing the end of their life after nine years of them being constantly in my ears. A new hearing test revealed that my hearing had deteriorated in the range of speech, which I thought was the case. After consultation with my Audiologist, Joanna Magee, and testing a new set for two weeks, I decided to go with STARKEY MUSE i2400 MICRO R this time. The reason for this was that they better suited my particular type of hearing loss. They have a top of the range remote control, which is very useful; but the accessory that I find the most useful is the surflink remote wireless microphone. In my busy work environment, I attend a lot of meetings and regularly interview and meet with clients. With conversation, lectures/seminars etc. in a noisy environment it is fantastic. If I give it to the person speaking, it streams the audio directly to my hearing aids; and enables me to hear very clearly what is being said. What a Godsend! I am still mastering how it can be used it in different situations even more effectively, but I am confident it will become indispensable at work as well as socially. If you are having hearing problems, I can highly recommend that you visit Audio Health and talk to one of their consultants.
    Rob Wood Edge Hill