I am 83 years old and having experienced long term and ongoing care and treatment for my deafness, from three of the Audiology firms in Cairns, I am happy to confirm that AUDiOHEALTH is by far the best of them. In fact they are in a league of their own.

From its luxurious premises on Grafton St to the immensely kind and caring staff, one is treated like a welcome guest rather than a patient, and it is a delight to attend consultations.

Thank you AUDiOHEALTH for providing superb care – and at an affordable cost.

 Michael Page



My Tribute to AUDiOHEALTH

Because of Hearing Loss, Suddenly you are thrown into a world of “QUIET” – How frightening, How devastating, How, This is not happening to me?! Your future seems doubtful, scary and filled with uncertain bewilderment; when everyone around you is too busy with their own lives and doing their own thing, When nobody seems to care, When “I beg your pardon” has lost all meaning and doesn’t demand a courteous reply and the only response is “AH, FORGET IT” .

This is when all confidence and self esteem is at its lowest and you wonder how can i go that extra mile, it was then,through my tears and fears I heard the voice of AUDiOHEALTH very audibly in my world of quiet saying “We can help, We want to help, We care, We can make a difference. We WILL help turn your life around”

Kerry and her team at AUDiOHEALTH did just this, They turned my life around, I have regained my self esteem and confidence, I am back in the sport  I love and have the independence i thought i had lost forever.Kerry and her team have been with me every step i have taken, They have given willingly of themselves, their expertise and experience, through times of despair and joy (when i finally persevere and get something right) they have given so generously their time and effort way above and beyond the call of duty, for this i sincerely thank this young team of dedicated professionals who have placed their lives on “hold” to assist less fortunate who suffer from hearing loss – “God Bless Them”

Without Kerry and the team form AUDiOHEALTH, Cairns my life would be on hold, I would be totally lost without this wonderful and caring team we are so blessed to have here in Cairns.

Anon 2013



I would like to thank Kerry and all of the staff at Audio Health for their professionalism in assisting me with my hearing loss. From the time I walked through the front door nothing was too much trouble, they ensured that all issues were met and understood. The tests were comprehensive and your help in selecting the correct hearing device was invaluable.

The hearing aids I have now are fantastic and my life is now back on track, being able to communicate and not be left out of any conversation because I was unable to hear what was being said.

Thank you,

Bob Johns 


Dear Mr Magee and lovely staff.

I’d like to thank you for all you have done for me, perhaps more than words can ever say.

With my new hearing aids it has changed my life. I couldn’t believe that I could hear myself breathe and chew my food! I am absolutely and totally thrilled with the difference it has made. I can hear the TV without either having it up high or having to shut the door so as not to annoy the next door neighbours. Also I can hear when a jet goes, instead of missing the gist.

From the bottom of my heart a HUGE thank you.

Natalie Beam


On the 30th of September 2011 I collected my hearing aids after being checked and fitted for them 2 weeks prior. My world took on a whole new meaning, after being hard of hearing for nearly 20 years due to industrial deafness. So much noise!! Driving home I kept thinking there is just to much noise. When I walked into my flat the first thing I did was turn on the TV, the volume just about deafened me. Yes I had it on the highest volume and without my hearing aids I could just hear it… This was the start of a whole new life for me, just getting used to sounds that I had forgotten.

I will never forget the first day I heard rain on the roof and wondered what it was. I am still getting used to the hearing aids and sometimes the noise can be too much (kids screaming or large numbers of people in one area such as the airport terminal) and I will take out the hearing aids till it passes but each day I am thankful for my hearing aids and the help from Kerry and her staff at AUDiOHEALTH…Thanks guys.

Robert Ali Fraser
Cairns, Queensland


Dear Kerry,

I would like to say “Thank You” for the improvement that you have made to my hearing. The problem I had may have been minor but the results are major. Thank you. I have just read the article about you in Profile and found it very interesting. It seems you have a passion for your profession and thought you might be interested in my observations. When you pass 70 it seems that more and more time is spent in places that have a receptionist, a waiting area and a specialist and your business fits into this group. Starting with reception, the worst examples are where you are greeted by a lot of written instructions and a ticket machine. They should be banned. Moving on to the human style of reception. Lowest end of scale is the receptionist making a private phone call, will sometimes look towards you avoiding eye contact and when they notice you are getting upset will say to the person on the phone “must go someone has just come in”, it’s not “just”, you have been there some time. When I have the receptionist’s attention I always state my name in full. This on a few occasions is met with a blank stare and I have to add that I have an appointment. They then look at their screen and you get remarks that vary from “OK take seat” to “Hello Tom how are you today”. This last welcome is what you get at Audio Health, and you have not had to climb over people in the waiting room to get this welcome. The Waiting Room. Bottom of the pile are those with a TV playing the current programs with no sound. Motoring magazines that were published before the internal combustion engine was invented and women’s magazines that have knitting patterns for men’s full length swimsuits. This seems to be the norm for dentists and hospitals.

Audio Health has large screen with sound and interesting programs and a selection of good magazines. Refreshments – these vary. Some waiting rooms have a water cooler with no cups, these usually come with the sort of receptionist that one is afraid to ask for a cup. The range extends from there to the place, I have only found one, where you are asked “would you like tea, coffee or water?” If you say no thanks you are told that if you change your mind please say so, You start to feel welcome and important in this place. Meeting the Specialist. The worst is when a voice from down the corridor mumbles something that sounds a bit like your name, you lean forward in case it is called again, you watch to see if anybody else rises to meet the call and if you have not yet been to AudioHealth you watch your wife hopeful she has heard better than you.

The best is when the specialist comes into the room looks you in the eye and invites you to go through and while this is happening you notice that the specialist is not too proud to pick up the empty tea cups and put them in the kitchen as she passes. You and the people that work with you are a pleasure to meet. I can’t wait for the time that I need batteries.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Dockerty Clifton Beach QLD


Thanks AUDiOHEALTH for tuning me in to all those sounds I’ve been missing out on. Great to hear what people say the first time. Very friendly and professional service. The hearing aid is comfortable and works very well.

Should have done it years ago.

Paul Naylo